We are a market research, advanced analytics and consumer insights provider delivering solutions ranging from quick surveys, to ongoing multi-market studies, to advanced analytics solutions. Regardless of the scope, we ensure you receive accurate information, deep insights, on-time and on-budget.

Perhaps what Panalytics is best known for is Quantitative Research expertise.

Sound market research is about proper design, care in execution, intelligent analysis, and insightful reporting.

Our research team includes experts in global research …

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Panalytics is a collection of research and data experts ready to help your organization with all or any of its research requirements.

If needed, we can take your ideas and research objectives and turn them into a concrete list of actions required to …

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Often researchers look at the surface of data. They run cross-tabs, filter the data for certain sub-groups, generate means, create summary tables, produce charts and so on. While these are obviously very useful ways to interpret survey results, they are …

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Before you invest in a custom online panel, we meet with you to determine if a panel is in fact the most effective tool to meet your research needs. If used sufficiently and effectively, custom online panels are designed to help your organization …

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Market Research Services

Our Values

We want to help you succeed.  This can only happen if we work together, and stay focused on delivering accurate, actionable insights, cost effectively and on-time.

Eight values define how we do business:

Commitment – things do happen.  But every one in the team is empowered to get things resolved, and quickly.

Transparency – totally open in our thinking, goals and motivations.

Care – we want long-term partnerships.  We genuinely care about your business, our employees, our families and our communities.

Curiosity – always looking for better ways to do things.

Responsiveness – we make ourselves available to answer your questions.

Flexibility – keep focus on your needs, your budget and your timeframe to deliver relevant data and insights.

Simplicity – while we love to get creative, unnecessary complexity adds time and cost.  Efficiency means we focus on your business priorities and won’t do anything that doesn’t add value to you.

Passion – we get totally geeked out by how our research and insights help your business.