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automotivePanalytics’s automotive expertise includes conducting large brand tracking and purchase behavior studies.

Our tool kit includes a deep understanding of the product features/characteristics and the marketing messages that drive automakers’ brand building efforts, that have an impact on consumer opinion, and serve as triggers to consider purchasing one brand over another.

Aldo Martin, EVP Automotive, has over twenty years of market research and consulting experience, with most of his work in the automotive sector, spanning the North, Central and South America markets.  He joined JD Power in 1998 and has remained focused in the automotive sector; including joining Mitsubishi Motors in the research department.

For the past 7 years Aldo served as the senior consultant to major automakers on the Allison-Fisher Purchase Funnel, arguably the longest-running brand tracker in automotive. In this capacity, Aldo was hands-on identifying the elements that drive brand building, including the role that environmental concerns play in new-vehicle purchases; understanding the role different models play in the portfolio, the mindset of mass vs. luxury consumers, and putting this knowledge to work for automakers.

Aldo is respected and trusted in the industry for his ability to formulate impactful recommendations. He is an insightful, creative individual and an experienced thought leader who thrives where brand, marketing, and consumer insights intersect.  He has a proven ability to frame complex issues, uncover root causes, and successfully leverage advanced research and analytical methodologies to help automakers shape strategy and achieve their goals.

Whether you are looking to monitor progress, understand the auto market in the US, Mexico, Canada, or the rest of Latin America, Panalytics can help you understand the impact continuous price advertising does to your brand reputation, the role environmental concerns play in vehicle purchases, or how to appeal to first-time buyers.

If you are looking for a flexible, nimble and responsive research partner to help you track your brand’s performance, monitor your product launches, or run a discreet choice model in your next car clinic, Panalytics can help you achieve your objectives.




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