We are a market research, advanced analytics and consumer insights provider delivering solutions ranging from quick surveys, to ongoing multi-market studies, to advanced analytics solutions. Regardless of the scope, we ensure you receive accurate information, deep insights, on-time and on-budget.

Support Services

support servicesPanalytics is a collection of research and data experts ready to help your organization with all or any of its research requirements.

If needed, we can take your ideas and research objectives and turn them into a concrete list of actions required to take your organization to the next level.

Alternatively, we are available to help with very specific portions of your research process.  Whatever your needs, we are available to lend our expertise to help.

Research Design

  • We will recommend a sampling plan that will effectively meet your research objectives.  We will consider your target audience, your budgets, the desired statistical accuracy, all sub-segments of interest and desired frequency of reporting in making our design recommendations.
  • We can take your business objectives and with our decades of market research expertise, design a survey instrument that can accurately address all of your objectives in a concise and organized manner.

Data collection

  • Once the design of the research is complete and has been tested, we are able to help collect the required data to answer your research questions.
  • We have access to over 15 million online panel members worldwide.
  • We are able to collect data online, by telephone or in-person.
  • All of our online surveys are mobile ready.  We would not recommend conducting any online research without this capability.

Data Processing

  • Our data processing team has, on average, over 10 years of experience.  There is no data set too complex for our team.
  • We have tools and systems in place that help us read data, accurately and efficiently process them, and produce highly usable data tables in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • We work with each client to ensure the data are presented in a format that is most appropriate for their use.


  • When our clients’ research objectives require higher level analytics, our team of analysts are eager to lend a helping hand.
  • Our key consideration in the use of advanced analytics is extract information to help answer questions, without overly complicating the research process.
  • Good analytics produces results that are simple, concise and m ore evident, making it easier to wrap your head around and articulate to your internal clients.


  • Although we pay close attention to design and execution of research projects, we are mindful that unless the results are reported effectively, they are of limited value to our clients. To that end, we have put in place the necessary technologies and processes to produce user-friendly, actionable, and timely research results customized to our clients’ varied needs.
  • We are able to send Hot Alert reports during data collection.  These reports include data from the survey or a database and are created if certain conditions occur within the survey.
  • We prepare live reports for our clients, so they can get quick information on key findings while their project is still in data collection mode.
  • We produce detailed interactive reports, so our clients can maximize their understanding of the research findings.




Correct in all details; exact.