We are a market research, advanced analytics and consumer insights provider delivering solutions ranging from quick surveys, to ongoing multi-market studies, to advanced analytics solutions. Regardless of the scope, we ensure you receive accurate information, deep insights, on-time and on-budget.

Quantitative Research

quantitative researchPerhaps what Panalytics is best known for is Quantitative Research expertise.

Sound market research is about proper design, care in execution, intelligent analysis, and insightful reporting.

Our research team includes experts in global research and a wide range of research methods, with experience in a number of important industry verticals.

We take great care to design an appropriate sampling plan and questionnaire to ensure our clients’ business questions are accurately and effectively answered.

Key design considerations include:

  • Objective – what questions do we need and want answered
  • Audience – what is the population and subgroups of interest
  • Level of desired statistical accuracy (how will this information be used)
  • Budget & timeline

Over the past decades we have conducted hundreds of research studies from quick and simple studies in small communities to highly complex multi-national studies.  Regardless of the complexity of our client’s business challenge, several key principles guide our work when conducting quantitative market research.  These key principles include:

  • Fully understanding your business issues, challenges and opportunities, and your research objectives
  • Designing sampling and methodology that are appropriate, effective and efficient
  • Ensuring the questions asked in the research will effectively address all of your objectives
  • Ensuring all quality control measures are adhered to by all members of the research team and all research partners;
  • Delivering data and insights in a timely and cost effective manner, and in a format that suits your needs
  • Using advanced analytical tools that will enhance the insight derived from the research, but explaining the results in clear and simple ways.

Within the past decade we have conducted quantitative research in over 25 countries in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, and Aftrica.

We currently conduct over 10 quantitative tracking studies for clients in various industries.



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