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Our Code of Conduct

our code of conduct

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

Douglas Adams





We adhere to strict ethical principles based on the Market Research and Intelligence Association’s (MRIA) Code of Conduct for Market and Social Research.

Basic Principles

  • We will be legal, truthful and objective, and conduct all research in accordance with established and appropriate scientific principles.
  • We will not knowingly act in a manner that would bring discredit to the market research profession or lead to a loss of public confidence in it.
  • All research will be conducted with professionalism and ethics.
  • Market research activities will be clearly distinguishable and separate from non-research activities such as advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, direct selling, etc.


  • We will not abuse the trust of respondents or exploit their lack of experience or knowledge.
  • We will not make false statements about our skills, experience or activities.

Professional Responsibility

  • Respondents’ co-operation in our research studies is entirely voluntary at all stages. They will not be misled to believe otherwise when being asked for their co-operation.
  • We will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that respondents are in no way harmed or adversely affected as a direct result of their participation in our research projects.


  • When soliciting cooperation of respondents, we will promptly identify ourselves and state the purpose of our research, except when the nature of the research is “mystery shopping”.
  • We will, on request, allow our clients complete access in order to check on the quality of data collection and data preparation.
  • We will provide appropriate technical details of any research project to our client who has commissioned it, to verify the reliability, validity and integrity of the research methodology.
  • We will ensure that market research projects are designed, carried out, reported and documented accurately and objectively.


  • The ownership of all market research-related materials and data, excluding only those materials and data that originate with our Clients, is subject to agreement between Panalytics and our Clients and is governed by the prevailing laws applicable in the jurisdiction where such proposals, quotations and activities are undertaken.

Data Protection And Privacy

  • We have a privacy policy in place and available for review by all respondents.
  • Personal information is collected and held specifically for research purposes and not used in any manner incompatible with these purposes.
  • Personal information is preserved no longer than is required for the purpose for which the information was collected or further processed.
  • We will ensure that respondents’ personal identity is withheld from the client unless explicitly expressed to the respondent and consent to the disclosure is provided by the respondent.
  • We have strict and reliable security measures in order to prevent unauthorized access to, manipulation of or disclosure of the personal data.

Young People And People With Functional Cognitive Disabilities

  • We take great care when interviewing children, young people and people with functional cognitive disabilities.  The consent of the parent or otherwise legally authorized adult will first be obtained before interviewing begins.

Shared Interviews

  • We will inform clients if the work to be carried out for them is to be combined or syndicated in the same project with work for other clients.


  • We will inform clients, prior to work commencing, when any part of the work for them is to be subcontracted outside the our organization (including the use of any outside consultants).  If clients request, they will identify all subcontractors.

Reporting Findings

  • When reporting on the results of a research project, we will make a clear distinction between the findings, our interpretation of these findings, and our recommendations we make based on the findings.
  • We are always prepared to provide the technical information necessary to assess the validity and reliability of any reported findings.
  • We shall not knowingly permit our name to be associated with the dissemination of conclusions from a market research project unless the conclusions are adequately supported by the data.




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