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Panalytics Research Group offers market research services in 3 key areas:

1. Custom Panels - We will help you assess whether a custom panel is the right solution for your organization. We will work with you to design an appropriate panel. We will provide all the technology and services required to recruit, maintain and use your panel. Please contact us if you are considering developing an online panel or reviewing your current solutions.

2. Research Services - We work with many organizations to help them with all or part of their market research needs. Some clients work with us to get information that helps them resolve their business challenges. We assist these clients in articulating their research objectives by designing an appropriate research plan, executing it, and reporting the findings in a logical manner that addresses the original research objectives. Other clients already have a research plan in mind and would simply like us to help them with data collection, processing and analysis. No matter what your need, Panalytics and our research partners can help you.

3. Analytics - Many organizations (including market research companies) rely on Panalytics for data analytics. We are continually developing new models and refining proven models to better meet our clients' needs. If you have a database that you feel is currently underutilized, we will help you mine all the buried information within that database.


We will be pleased to discuss your specific research requirements.
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