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Custom Online Panels

Custom Online Panels

Needs Assessment

Before you invest in a custom online panel, we meet with you to determine if a panel is in fact the most effective tool to meet your research needs. If used sufficiently and effectively, custom online panels are designed to help your organization:

  • target hard to reach audiences
  • get results quickly
  • stretch your market research budget
  • analyse data over a period of time to accurately measure changes in the marketplace (e.g. Customer behaviour, competitor influence, etc.)
  • get quick and real-time reporting


If a custom panel is an effective use of your organizationís market research budget, the next step is to define the target audience. Key considerations are:

  • Make-up - We will help you identify the ideal composition of your panel - who should qualify to be part of your panel; what should the demographic, regional, and behavioural distribution be?
  • Size - We will help you determine the appropriate number of panelists per subgroup, giving consideration to the number of surveys per year per subgroup.
  • Decide if the panel will be branded or blind
  • Consider the source - Internal database, Purchased list, Telephone/direct mail recruit, Advertisement (online, offline)
  • Profiling questionnaire - Approx. 15 minutes, Qualifying questions, profiling questions, contact info
  • Develop a panelist portal and invite qualified respondents to register via this portal
  • Offer incentives and establish contact within a week


Frequency of Contact - We allow panel members to request how frequently they will be interviewed. If not provided, members will receive at least one and no more than two communications in a month.

Engagement - We will use proven strategies to reduce attrition.

Ongoing Recruitment - We will continually recruit additional members as necessary, based on churn.


Our personnel who manage each stage of a project have direct experience in all aspects of research, including: scripting, sampling, and quality control.

Questionnaire capabilities are limitless and include new technologies such as respondent video/audio response.

The key considerations during this phase are:

  • Meeting the budget and timeline requirements
  • Maximizing response rates
  • Quality control checks for accuracy of the survey logic
  • Review partial results to verify appropriate design

We combine our research expertise with extensive reporting capabilities to produce highly effective , capable, and user friendly reports.

Reports are customized to meet our clients- unique needs. The key considerations during reporting are:

  • Answer questions for which the research was commissioned
  • Present the information in an organized and logical manner
  • Keep reports simple, concise and to the point