We are a market research, advanced analytics and consumer insights provider delivering solutions ranging from quick surveys, to ongoing multi-market studies, to advanced analytics solutions. Regardless of the scope, we ensure you receive accurate information, deep insights, on-time and on-budget.

Quality Assurance

quality assuranceRealizing that effective research requires precise design, and accurate data collection, analysis and reporting, we follow a set of strict quality control guidelines throughout the project lifecycle.

Sample Representativeness

Our surveys are mobile-device ready, so that they can be accessible by younger and affluent respondents on their tablets or smartphones.

There are a number of standards employed during the registration process that help maintain the quality of our panel sources.

These standards include:

  • Double opt-in.
  • Only one panelist is allowed per household.
  • Panelists must have a valid mailing address.
  • CAPTCHA technology used upon registration to prevent bots from entering and completing studies
  • Fraud screening that assigns a risk score to each registrant and blocks those from suspicious domains, proxy servers, blacklisted IP addresses, etc.
  • De-duplication algorithms that block panelists from joining the panel more than once, and block panelists who have been previously ejected from joining the panel.
  • Technology that blocks panelists that come from recruitment sources identified as providing low-quality panelists.

Accuracy of Data Collection

  • Use of multiple online panel sources for a representative sample of the population in online studies.
  • Maximize response rate and minimize response bias through concise and simple questioning, advanced sample management, reminders, and adequate field windows.
  • Review survey length to ensure online respondents took enough time to complete the survey.
  • Review verbatim responses in online surveys and eliminate those respondents with poor verbatim quality.
  • Use of “quality control” questions to ensure that respondents are paying close attention throughout the survey (we will delete any “false” responders and replace them as necessary).




The state or quality of working in a well-organized and competent way.

The state or quality of preventing the wasteful use of resources.